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Welcome on the homepage of the Windows ™ first person 3D adventuregame Bon Vivant – the tale of a mysterious guesthouse. This is the first big game I wrote using the Unity game engine. The current release is 2.21, in the second release all the Dutch translations were gone and voiceover was added and in the third upgrade the graphics were improved and some extra puzzles have been added. The storyline is still the same, I hope you enjoy this game, the puzzles are not that hard (although there is one that is more complex) and the exploring of the big house is fun. Regards, Hein Pragt.

Bon Vivant point and click 3D adventuregame


This free walking point and click 3D adventuregame takes place in an abandoned and boarded-up guest house in a forest somewhere in the middle of the Netherlands. Ten years ago a drama took place in the guest house and since then it has been abandoned and boarded up. In the nearby village it is said that mysterious things still happen around the old guest house and children are told that they absolutely can not go there. You wanted to examine the story on your holiday trip but your partner did not want you to go. Now a year later you lost your job, your partner and as a rebellious act you are planning to investigate the mysterious guest house to discover what has happened.

You have to solve obstacles that you encounter in this guest house and gradually you learn more and more about the eccentric old residents, their relationships and problems and the dramatic event that happened ten years ago. One of the features of the game is that all the puzzles and problems you have to solve are really possible, the game tries to be realistic in everything and not to break the atmosphere and zeitgeist.

The game is a first person adventuregame, which means that you look through the eyes of the player. In the game you have a flashlight in the left hand and the possibility to carry one large object in your right hand. So when you take a new large object, the old object will fall and remain there. You can bring several small items in your backpack, this makes the game realistic to play. The game has voice over and has background sounds and sounds that objects make within the game. The game can be played in semi-random order, but in order to be able to continue on certain points, you must have done a number of things. An attempt has been made to make the illusion that you are really walking around as realistic as possible. The game does not have a hint system, you sometimes get an indication as if it was an idea that occurred in your own thoughts.


As there is almost no money to be earned as game developer, I stopped programming games and concentrate on other progams and tools that do make some money. As of now all games are free to download.


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