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As a Windows software developer for many years I had a directory with all small portable utility programs that I put on every system that I had to work on. HmpFileFind is a simple portable freeware application that helps find files on a filesystem (recursivly) by file pattern and file content. A lot of time I wonder where on my 3 Terabyte hard disk did I put this file and then I use this little application to locate it. I can search the disk for a (wildcard) filename, but also on a word or phrase in the file. As a web developer I sometimes wonder where have I used this link or this word or phrase on my website, then I select the root file of the website on my hard disk, select to only look into *.html files and type a word or phrase that I want to look for. The listbox will be filled with all the filename and the file paths of the files and just double click on the filename to open it in the preferred editor. Regards, Hein Pragt.


What kind of application is HmpFileFind

This program is very simple, it does not maintain a database it does not keep any internal information and is privacy friendly to use. The only thing is that it saves the last settings and will reload the at the next time to save time. It will not make any modifications to the filesystem and it will only search for a word in a file if the search field is not empty. It can find words in all files that contain text not in binary files.

The program is small and limited, you cannot use regular expression in the search phrase and when searching through a lot of files, this will take some time. The program is portable and is not depending on any other library or runtime, it comes in a X32 and X64 version and the exe files are digitally signed by a coding certificate for your safety. Just unzip the file somewhere on your disk and click to program to start it. A very handy utility for finding your files (that contain certain words) on big filesystems.


This program is digitally signed with my own code certificate and it is trusted by Microsoft windows.

Download. (Version 1.01 2023)

  • Version 1.01
    • Initial release, it might be not completely bug free, I use it a lot myself, I will wait for remarks amd release the next version soon.

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