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This page is about my MK14 emulator for Microsoft Windows. The the INS8060, also called the SC/MP processor was the first real processor I studied when I was 13 years old, but at that time I did not have much money,so I could not afford to buy a real computer board. I read all I could about the SC/MP processor and I would draw the internal of the processor on a big piece of paper, with the RAM / ROM / keyboard and display as registers and I would have a lot of small zero and one papers to simulate the flow of the bits and bytes in the (paper) circuit. Looking back this was ridiculous, but this is the way I learned computer design and binary logic. The SC/MP is my first processor and nowadays you cannot get the processor anymore (at least not at a reasonable price), but there are emulators in software and hardware that are still available. After building two PIC14 boards I decided to also write a MK14 emulator for Microsoft Windows. I dedicate this program to Karen Orton (R.I.P.) who left us the amazing PIC14 hardware emulator. Regards, Hein Pragt.


I respect copyright and I will not distribute illegal software. But this program includes the MK14 rom, and the zip file includes some old programs and documents that still might be copyrighted. BUT in my opinion the copyright was from 40 to 45 years ago, these products have not been on the market for a lot of years and I think that no one would not care if someone was using a 40 year old file on their own Windows 10 machines. I do not ask any money for this package and the main goal is to keep the old spirit alive. If anyone can identify him or herself as a legal copyright owner and has problems with the distribution I will remove that content. But I seriously believe there is no one to object to distributing these old artifacts as freeware. My program itself is closed source but freeware.

What is inside this MK14 emulator

Mk14 Board

This emulator of the MK14 has full memory expansion on 200H, 800H and B00H and the first 0x200 bytes contain the second version of the MK14 rom. The on screen keys work as they should do, you can also us the keys on your keyboard, the mapping of the command keys is on top of the key.

Mk14 Menu

You can load programs in hex format using the top menu, the last digits of the filename is the starting address. Press reset or abort then enter the address and push the go button. You can also save the memory to a hex file, the first option only saves the original memory 0xf00 to 0xfff, the second option saves the entire ram from 0200 to 0fff. The instructions are cycle precise and the MK14 emulator runs on the same speed as an original MK14 would, so it can be slow sometimes, but its real.

Mk14 Disk

This is a so called portable program, you do not need to install it. Just download the zip file and unpack it on an logical location on your disk. I have all my portable application in a top directory “portapps”. There is a win62 and a win32 version of the MK14 emulator, both are digitally signed for your safety. There is also a directory containing a lot of example programs I collected, with sourcecode and hex files. The is also a documentation directory that contains the original MK14 manual and some SC/MP programming manuals and datasheet.


Here you can download the latest version if this MK14 emulator. This download is a zip file containing a portable x64 (and a x32 version) Windows exe programs, and a directory with example programs. It use a portable program, just unpack it somewhere on the disk and start it by clicking it. This program is digitally signed with my own code certificate and it is trusted by Microsoft windows.

Download x64 (and x32) version 1.01 of MK14 emulator (2023)

  • Version 1.01
    • First (beta release) version, the program has been testen by myself on my hardware.

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