The Amerwold Inheritance game

The Amerwold Inheritance

Welcome on the homepage of the Windows ™ single room adventure game The Amerwold Inheritance. After the events in Amerwold Woods one of the brothers inherited the big house of the other brother. His brother was autistic but also a brilliant programmer and he earned a lot of money with his software. He bought this big house, far away of the busy world and together with some friends he turned the attic into a big escape room. You are exploring the house and find yourself trapped om the second floor at the stairs to the attic. It seems that the only wat to get out again is solving alle the puzzles that are spread around the several rooms of the attic.

The game contains a lot of puzzles of all types and all puzzles could work in real life. The attic is also the workshop that he used to create all the puzzles. There is no special knowledge needed, alle the knowledge you will need to solve the puzzles is available in the game. It will take several hours to solve all the puzzles and the progress is automatically stored every time you leave  the game. The puzzles are not extremely hard but also not too easy. Puzzles require logic thinking and for some puzzles you will have to collect clues.

Amerwold Inher01


As there is almost no money to be earned as game developer, I stopped programming games and concentrate on other progams and tools that do make some money. As of now all games are free to download.

Amerwold woods

This game is a sequel to the Windows ™ first person walking simulator game Amerwold woods. This game is a walking simulator, an exploration game that tells an interactive story to the player. In this game you can freely move around the whole game, even go through bushes, walk beside the paths, the whole wood is accessible beside some areas that are clearly bordered with fences or bushes too thick to walk through. The idea is that you get to know the main character and try to understand what has happened. The story leans heavily on the fact that the main character is an autistic young man. I really hope that you will enjoy this game, I have been working on this game for almost two years.

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